The overarching objective of the TailingR32Green project is to develop a New Business Model based on Green Economy concepts by establishing a circular, low risk and zero-toxic sustainable approach for mine tailing revalorization, reuse and risk reduction

The Project will seek to extract and separate Critical Raw Elements (CRE, like Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Co) from low to medium grade mine tailings worldwide (Spain, Portugal, Chile, South Africa and others) while searching for a revalorization of the mineral by-products (mainly silicates) as construction bricks (via substitution of primary materials in ceramics by re-processed mine tailings) and geopolymeric sealing layers that will serve as protective surface barriers to prevent water percolation and pollutant migration in inactive mine tailings. By the rational combination of innovations in (bio)metallurgy, CRE selective recovery, geopolymers and ceramics, the TailingR32Green project will generate economic, environmental and social benefits from inactive mine tailings (MT) revalorization. All the chemical, physical, biological and mineralogical processes necessary to achieve the project´s goals will be designed under the perspective of circular, green and zero toxic environmental pillars.

The 3 years project has 7 workpackages: